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HMS Ocean

HMS Ocean
Type: Amphibious assault ship
Origin: United Kingdom
Produced: 1998 (Commissioned)
Unit cost: -


Crew: 465
Range: 13,000 km
Aircraft: 18 helicopters
Speed: 18 kn (21 mph; 33 km/h)
Length: 203.4 m
Beam: 35 m
Draft: 6.5 m
Displacement: 21,500 t

Operators Supported countries only!

Lack of map.
Lack of legend
Flag Country Number Variant
United Kingdom 1 Ocean


HMS Ocean
Author: "Apache Helicopter Takes off from HMS Ocean During Operation Ellamy MOD 45153052" by Photo: LA(Phot) Guy Pool/MOD. Licensed under OGL via Commons - https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Apache_Helicopter_Takes_off_from_HMS_Ocean_During_Operation_Ellamy_MOD_45153052.jpg#/media/File:Apache_Helicopter_Takes_off_from_HMS_Ocean_During_Operation_Ellamy_MOD_45153052.jpg Licenses