Bayraktar TB2

Medium altitude long endurance
Service ceiling
8,200 m


Bayraktar TB2 is a Turkish unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV), MALE class (Medium-Altitude Long-Endurance) by Baykar Makina company. It is a result of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Tactical Development Project started in 2007 by Turkey's Defense Industry Undersecretariat.


The completed drone prototype, designated PT-1, with TC-ERB registration, ascended to its maiden flight on May 3, 2014. Just a month later, on June 14, the plane climbed to a record height of 8,238 meters, with a full load. On August 5-6 2014, the aircraft successfully completed the flight endurance test. It remained in the air for 24 hours and 34 minutes and during this time, the machine traveled 4,040 km, reaching a flight altitude of 5,486 meters.

The Bayraktar TB2 was presented to the public for the first time during the Istanbul Airshow 2014 (September 25-28 this year). The following month, on November 17, trials began on the completed operational kit consisting of six aircraft and two control stations. The tests were aimed at getting to know the parameters of the system and its compatibility with the requirements of the contracting authorities of the Turkish armed forces. As the trials were a full success, the first set of drones was officially handed over to the recipient on November 22, 2014. Another, set was delivered to the Turkish armed forces on June 16, 2015.


The basic type of weapon adapted to be carried by the TB2 is the MAM-L (Mini Akıllı Mühimmat-Lazer) version of the soaring guided missiles. After dropping, it's able to reach a moving target up to 8 km from the vector or 14 km from it, after installation of an inertial navigation system, linked to the GPS system.

The second, dedicated TB2 gliding missile is the MAM-C (MAM-Cirit), which is able to pierce a 200 mm RHA steel of medium hardness.


Range: 150 km
Max Speed: 220 km/h
Service ceiling: 8,200 m
Armament: 4 hardpoints for laser guided smart munition
Weight empty: 500 kg
Weight max: 650 kg (1,430 lb)


Length: 6.5 m
Width: 12 m
Height: 2.2 m

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Flag Country Number Variant
Azerbaijan - Bayraktar TB2
Iraq - Bayraktar TB2
Pakistan - Bayraktar TB2
Poland 6 Bayraktar TB2
Qatar 6 Bayraktar TB2
Turkey 128 Bayraktar TB2
Ukraine 12 Bayraktar TB2


Bayraktar TB2
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