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Everyone wonders how many percentages of a Gross Domestic Product each country spends on military. The military budget is one of the basic and the most reliable way of verifying country’s potential in terms of army, navy, air force, and other military elements. Of course every individual country decides to spend different amounts of their annual earnings on military. That is why it is crucial to not only indicate the amount of funds particular nation is willing to spend on military, but also how many percentages of the total earnings it is.

But what is Gross Domestic Product and how the information you can find in the tables and statistics below are calculated? The first thing worth noting is of course what these numbers mean in general. Military budget offers us a detailed comparison of how much money one country is willing to pay for all the things related to the appropriate functioning of military. It means that military expenditures includes much more than just expenditures for armed forces. We should also remember that this budget including the purchase and maintenance of armaments, the salaries of active staff, military research, development of new technologies, and of course administration.

When it comes to military budget and the total funds each country can invest, we should also pay our attention to annual changes in the military budgets. By that we mean the indicator whether particular country increased the budgets prepared for military purposes. It can be the result of aggressive expansion or offensive behaviour from bordering countries. Of course if the neighbour country decides to increase the amount of money for army, the other countries will follow just to make sure that they are prepared for possible actions.

If we were to provide you with a short and general definition, we would say that military budget is the amount of financial resources dedicated by a nation to raising and maintaining an armed forces or other methods essential for defense purposes. Generally excluded from military expenditures is spending on internal law enforcement and disabled veteran rehabilitation.

In order to prepare a complete and legitimate source of information regarding military budget of almost every country in the world, we had to spend a lot of time on searching for truthful sources. As a result, we spent hundreds of hours on conducting researches. These researches allowed us to create what you can see down below, at this page.

The charts you can see down below offer you an in-depth list of all countries and their GDP. Down there, you can find information regarding how much cash individual countries spend on military. Besides that, we should also point out that you can find there percentages that indicate the percentage of their total funds. Thanks to that one can clearly notice how significant discrepancy there is between several countries and the rest.

Of course while analysing the data we provide, we should pay attention to several countries that spend almost the quarter of their entire budget on military development and army. Still, the numbers of two countries that invest the most in the military show that in that aspect, there is a huge difference that, as a result of economic turmoil and other, irrelevant aspects, will not disappear in the following several years.


Military spendings in each country

Table of countries by military expenditures

Flag Country Spending [US$ Bn.]
USA 738
China 252
India 67
Russia 61.7
United Kingdom 59.2
Saudi Arabia 57.5
Germany 57
France 52.7
Japan 50.3
South Korea 45.5
Australia 34
Italy 28.9
Brazil 26.9
United Arab Emirates 22.8
Canada 22.8
Turkey 21.9
Israel 21.7
Qatar 19.3
Iran 17.4
Spain 17.2
Netherlands 13.7
Poland 13
Taiwan 13
Egypt 11
Pakistan 10.3
Indonesia 9.2
Singapore 8.8
Iraq 7.6
Sweden 7.2
Norway 7.2
Vietnam 6.2
Finland 5.8
Romania 5.5
Ukraine 5.4
Greece 5.3
Switzerland 5.3
Philippines 4.3
Malaysia 3.6
Austria 3.2
Hungary 2.7
Jordan 2.5
Azerbaijan 2.3
Syria 1.8
North Korea 1.3
Belarus 0.8
Venezuela 0.7
Armenia 0.6

Chart showing military budget by country