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Artillery is one of the most basic types of militaries. Usually, artilleries are equipped with cannons, howitzers, mortars, and many other weapons of this type (it also includes rocket launchers). Of course in the part artillery also included propelling machines. The main goal of artillery is to eliminate all the targets that one can find on the ground, in the air, and at sea. The type of ammunition that artillery use is rather different than what we know. These are not bullets for sure. Instead, in order to provide the highest effectiveness of artillery, the military used specially prepared missiles and specially prepared artillery ammunition with calibre of 20 mm or bigger (for example, typical assault rifles are powered with 7,62 mm or 5,56 mm.

To sum up, we can say that in most cases we use artillery in a variety of roles depending on its type and caliber. The general role of artillery is to provide fire support. Artillery types can be categorised in several ways, for example by type or size of weapon or ordnance, by role or by organizational arrangements.

Of course there is more to add regarding artillery. Before you see the charts presented above, it is recommended for you to learn more about this type of heavy military weapon. If we take a look at the history, we can notice that the main purpose of using artillery before was to siege enemies and break through theirs defences. Huge fire power and the possibility to shoot at very large distances allowed commanders to deplete hostile troops.

Of course there are many disadvantages of using artillery in the battlefield. A lot of modern armies decide to eliminate this particular brand out of their armies. It is because of its restricted mobility or the lack of it. This is also why artillery is a very easy target, if not protected in the right way. We should still remember that although the role of artillery has changed a bit, it remained one of the most effective methods of conducting wars. Since the times of Napoleon, who used artillery quite a lot, through the First World War, and ending on the World War II, artillery was responsible for majority of deaths.

While looking at the charts below, you can notice the differences in the numbers of artillery in selected country. In order to provide you with a clear image of how much artillery a country has, you can see the exact numbers. If; however, you want to see a comparison, there is a circle-shaped chart with percentages. Obviously, the data concerns the number of artillery, includes towed, self-propelled and rocket artillery. Does not include mortars. Currently in equipment and in reserve.


Number of artillery in each country

Table of countries by artillery

Flag Country Number
Russia 18266
North Korea 13000
South Korea 7468
China 7094
Pakistan 6308
Iran 4873
Egypt 4328
USA 4243
Ukraine 3636
Syria 3343
India 2799
Saudi Arabia 2580
Turkey 2521
Vietnam 2000
Iraq 1969
Taiwan 1944
Greece 1469
Romania 1355
Belarus 1041
Israel 1000
Azerbaijan 909
Finland 821
Indonesia 796
Poland 775
Brazil 760
Jordan 633
Japan 623
Germany 401
United Arab Emirates 398
Philippines 325
Hungary 298
Sweden 268
United Kingdom 259
Malaysia 250
Spain 242
Armenia 236
Australia 235
Venezuela 200
Italy 197
Switzerland 176
Canada 163
Singapore 161
France 134
Netherlands 75
Qatar 62
Norway 44
Austria 30

Chart showing artillery by country