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Nowadays we live in the world that is in most areas very peaceful. We don’t have to worry about food, water, and other basics. However, what if today is the last day of peace? What if the ongoing wars in the Middle East move towards Europe, or what if two superpowers, like for example Russia and America decides to wage war? Have you ever wondered what kind of armies and equipment particular nations have? Would you like to know the exact number of electronic equipment, medical equipment, heavy equipment, and many other statistics? Do you want to know which country has the largest number of infantry or aviation?

What will you find here?

If you are interested in one particular country or you want to compare some others, you should take a look at the page we offer. It is the best military comparison available on the market. It will grant you verified, and of course very interested information you can use for, let’s say your essay or maybe just to take care of your curiosity. It doesn’t matter why you use it. Just be aware that you came to the right place.

We have great news for you. Although the is still not very popular, it is a high quality website which is getting recognition every day. We will allow you to find all the necessary about the army of chosen countries. Furthermore, we will allow you to compare these countries and create very clean and user-friendly summaries with rather extensive data. You will find here a lot of important information. However, more about this later on.

What kind of information did we focus on?

The contains information regarding almost every aspect of the military in the specified country. You should also know that all the gathered data have been confirmed at source or from government websites. If you are inquisitive, you will also find information where this information came from and from which year it is. That is why it can serve as a reliable source of information.

If you are interested in not only one specific country, you can of course use the ranging that sums up all the countries according to the relevant categories, such as Finance, the human power, air force, land force or the navy.

The description of the comparison engine

In the first place, let’s describe the interactive map. It appears everywhere and can display different information depending on what you choose. In addition to the standard options such as zoom in and zoom out, you can also highlight the countries you are interested in and then read the information straight from the map. In this way, searching for information is smoother, faster, and of course more readable. No need to search for data in the table below. Obviously, if you find something interesting, it is worth taking a look below.

What exact information about army can you get?

At the beginning, the data table shows information such as the name of the capital of the country, the area of the country in km^2 or the total number of people. These are rather basics we all should know. Then, there is an information regarding the budget of country that was designated to army expenses. You can also check how much GDP it has and whether it has any nuclear warheads.

Each and every country is well described in terms of an army and military equipment. The description contains information on which military field the country is divided on. What is the minimum age required to join the army, whether a military service is mandatory or not. The website also collects information about history, for example when the ruling party changed last time, etc.

We can also check how many people currently are working in the military, how much people are on the so-called military reserve force, and how much is available for military if necessary.

Specialized data on an army equipment

Land Forces

In here there are information about all land vehicles such as tanks, AFV, artillery, self-propelled guns, or rocket artillery. Each of these categories is described and the exact names of these vehicles are given. There is also an information on how many of these vehicles are currently in use in the army.

Air Forces

It summarizes the number and type of air units in the country. It is divided into total fighters, multirole aircraft, attack aircraft, helicopters. The site has accurate information about the number of units as well.


The same applies to the navy. You can check the total number of ships, aircaft carriers, destroyers, frigates, corvettes, or submarines.

But there’s more

If you look for more on the topic of the military equipment and you are interested in more technical data, there is also something special for you here. If you want to know specific things or the specification of any kind of military equipment used in different countries around the world, have a look at extensive information we provide. This page is full of information about military equipment. In a specially designated part of the web page, it is possible to check the exact technical details of any equipment, land vehicles, tank, airplane, or ship. The site contains videos and descriptions of the machines. You can literally learn everything about them, and you can even compare tanks, one by one, for example!

Technical characteristics of the page

When it comes to technical issues, the page works on the latest scripts. We optimize the engine whenever necessary. The information are always checked. We add new ones and keep them up to date. The page loading time is minimal. All this makes it very fast and secure.

Summary and conclusion

To sum up, the site is very clear, user-friendly and easy to navigate. Based on the collected information, you can estimate which army is stronger or form opinion about the army of a given country. We believe these are all the features that characterize our site. This is one of the best comparison engines available in the Internet, so do not hesitate and use it right away!