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One of the most basic vehicles that countries use in modern warfare are tanks. This heavily armed and very dangerous machine had its beginnings during the First World War. However, its most common use occurred only 20 years later, during the Second World War. To this day, tanks are believed to be of utmost importance for almost every country. As a result of that, most of the nations around the globe try to increase their number and introduce modern technology. The main goal of this technology is to prove that the product of a selected country is much more effective and has much better combat ability than the opponents.

At the beginning of the page one can find the interactive map that offers an in-depth visual representation of all countries with available data. There, you can find, zoom in, or zoom out to see the detailed information that concerns this heavily-armoured vehicles.

The selected charts offer you a glimpse of what particular country owns at this very moment. There, you can see in detailed information regarding every aspect of the country’s capability when it comes to tanks. However, the most often browsed chart is the one that gives you an approximate quantity of tanks in each country.

Of course, we should bear in mind that the term “tank” itself has changed throughout last several decades. At the beginning tanks were armoured vehicles that military used to transport men at war. Later on, it became clear that tanks are the means of conducting heavy fire. What is more, they are essential when it comes to sieging cities and breaking front lines. Therefore, not everyone realizes but battle tank is a tank that fills the armor-protected direct fire and maneuver role of many modern armies. They were originally conceived to replace the light, medium, heavy and super-heavy tanks.

While remembering that, we should also draw our attention to other aspects of tank charts as presented below. There, we can see the division of tanks and presented percentages. From that we can conclude how many tanks selected country have when compared to the overall number of all tanks available at the planet. Each and every chart and table you can find on this page are presented in the same way and use the same information. Number of main battle and light tanks in active military service with countries of the world. Currently in equipment and in reserve. Does not include tank destroyers.


Number of tanks in each country

Table of countries by tanks

Flag Country Number
Russia 12267
North Korea 6000
China 5750
USA 5652
India 4614
Egypt 3789
Pakistan 3742
Syria 3507
Turkey 3017
Iran 2842
South Korea 2606
Vietnam 1829
Israel 1650
Jordan 1588
Ukraine 1462
Greece 1365
Saudi Arabia 1275
Taiwan 1160
Japan 1004
Azerbaijan 940
Iraq 848
Belarus 652
Poland 601
Brazil 469
Romania 440
France 406
United Arab Emirates 354
Spain 327
Venezuela 312
Germany 295
United Kingdom 272
Armenia 269
Indonesia 241
Finland 239
Switzerland 224
Italy 200
Hungary 176
Singapore 170
Qatar 138
Sweden 121
Canada 82
Australia 59
Austria 56
Norway 52
Malaysia 48
Philippines 18
Netherlands 18

Chart showing number of tanks by country