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In order to better understand how crucial Armoured Fighting Vehicles, known as AFV, are, we have to understand the history of its introduction. As you can guess, the term AFV concerns a lot of vehicles that, as a result of diversities in size, fire power, mobility, as well as other factors, the category of Armoured Fighting Vehicle can vary quite a lot. Armoured fighting vehicle is a combat vehicle, protected by strong armour and generally armed with weapons, which combines operational mobility, tactical offensive, and defensive capabilities. AFVs can be wheeled or tracked.

At the very beginning the largest amount of weapons that could fall into the category of AFV included vehicles used by motorized infantry as well as self-propelled guns or personal carriers that were heavily armoured and equipped with assault guns. Of course we should also bear in mind that usually Armoured Fighting Vehicles can also mean mobile mortars, infantry fighting vehicles, and some other motorized products. Still, the issue with categorizing vehicles as AFV is rather difficult, since every country can apply its own categorization. As a result, vehicles with similar characteristics can mean different things in different countries.

Of course the point of these charts is to show as detailed as it is possible how many AFVs every country possesses. We managed to apply highly advanced calculations that allow us to categorize vehicles based on their role on the battlefield and based on their size and capabilities. As a result, the statistics we gathered below give you a thorough and precise information of what quantities one can expect from every selected country.

From the page you are currently browsing you will learn what the number of main battle and light tanks in active military service with countries of the world really is. What is more the statistics will offer you currently in equipment and in reserve. Does not include tank destroyers. Because of that, you know very well how everything looks like and what to expect from these statistics.

Besides the information that we already mentioned, it is also possible to notice many AFVs selected nation has when compared to other countries. In that way we can calculate the percentage of the total number. Of course if you want to know the exact numbers of country of your choice, you can always scroll down! At the bottom of the page you can also see how exact numbers look like. It will greatly help you in realising how significant difference between great powers and ordinary countries really is.


Number of armoured fighting vehicles in each country

Table of countries by AFV

Flag Country Number
USA 41237
Russia 26831
China 14130
Turkey 11450
United Arab Emirates 8980
Pakistan 8710
Egypt 8699
India 8600
Ukraine 6990
France 6463
Saudi Arabia 6347
Israel 6135
United Kingdom 4644
Iraq 4631
South Korea 4380
Greece 4126
North Korea 4000
Germany 3874
Syria 3810
Iran 3555
Singapore 3507
Jordan 3149
Japan 3072
Italy 2758
Poland 2496
Vietnam 2380
Azerbaijan 2363
Spain 2361
Sweden 2071
Finland 2020
Switzerland 1808
Australia 1796
Brazil 1769
Taiwan 1714
Canada 1693
Belarus 1460
Malaysia 1386
Romania 1352
Indonesia 1319
Venezuela 1152
Netherlands 1116
Hungary 720
Philippines 672
Armenia 610
Norway 553
Qatar 250
Austria 215

Chart showing number of armoured fighting vehicles by country