Countries by manpower available for military

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This entry gives the number of males falling in the military age range for the country and assumes that every individual is fit to serve.

Military service is service by an individual or group in an army or other militia, whether as a chosen job or as a result of an involuntary draft. A nation with a fully volunteer military does not normally require mandatory military service from its citizens, unless it is faced with a recruitment crisis during a time of war.


Number of people available for military in each country

Table of countries by able for military

Flag Country Number
China 385821101
India 319129420
Indonesia 131000000
USA 73270043
Brazil 53350703
Pakistan 48453305
Egypt 41157220
Russia 34765736
Vietnam 30000000
Japan 27301443
Philippines 25614135
Iran 23619215
Turkey 21079077
Germany 18529299
United Kingdom 14856917
Malaysia 14817517
France 14563662
Italy 13865688
South Korea 13185794
Spain 11759557
Iraq 11700000
Syria 11550000
Ukraine 11149646
Poland 10500000
Saudi Arabia 8240714
Canada 8031266
Venezuela 8000000
Netherlands 7728129
North Korea 6515279
Taiwan 5883828
Romania 5601234
Australia 5316464
Jordan 3285575
United Arab Emirates 3240000
Azerbaijan 3000000
Greece 2535174
Belarus 2500000
Hungary 2349948
Sweden 2065782
Austria 1941110
Switzerland 1852580
Israel 1797960
Singapore 1255902
Finland 1155368
Norway 1078181
Armenia 809576
Qatar 389487

Chart showing manpower available for military by country