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Attack aircrafts as well as bomber aircrafts are probably one of the most important planes when it comes to striking surface targets. Their primary goal is to eliminate heavy resistance on the ground. However, to better understand why attack aircrafts deserved their own charts, tablets, and statistics in general, it is worth to learn more about this category.

To sum up, we could say that strike aircraft, or attack bomber, is a tactical military aircraft that has a primary role of carrying out airstrikes with greater precision than bombers. Designs dedicated to non-naval roles are often known as ground-attack aircraft. The primary difference from bombers is their low service ceiling and greater accuracy.

Back in the times of the WW II, quite often attack aircrafts were bombers specially prepared for such goal. That is why small bombers like for example Junkers Ju 87 or American Douglas A-20 Havoc could take care of ground targets of many different types in a very fast and precise way. This is what differed attack aircrafts from heavy bombers.

The term attack aircraft is rather new, because everything started during Second World War. Germans supported their plan Blitzkrieg, which consisted in using motorized infantry as well as armoured forces, with the aerial superiority guaranteed by fighter aircrafts as well as attack aircrafts. Of course we should bear in mind that contrary to typical bombers, attack aircrafts were great for eliminating mostly infantry and soft infrastructure elements.

When it comes to bombers, we can notice that their bigger size as well as much less mobility play different, yet still very important, role. In most cases, carrying a large number of ordinance can result in destroying whole villages, in some cases even cities. Obviously because of such large dimensions and reduced mobility, bombers were very easy targets for fighter aircrafts and interceptors. Still, in case of bombers, they were capable of carrying much more bombs and charges. Because of that, they could destroy very important strategic, political, and economic objectives.

In that way, we understand bombers as combat aircrafts designed to attack ground and sea targets by dropping air-to-ground weaponry. Bomber aircraft may be classified as strategic or tactical bombers. These charts offer you a glimpse into how many attack aircrafts and bombers each and every nation has. In here, you can find the number of aircrafts that are in use as well as in reserves. The statistics show the biggest powers when it comes to these planes as well as particular nations and exact numbers.


Number of attack aircraft in each country

Chart showing attack & bomber aircraft by country