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CM-32 Yunpao and M3 Bradley

CM-32 Yunpao M3 Bradley
Name: CM-32 Yunpao M3 Bradley
Type: Wheeled armoured vehicle Reconnaissance vehicle
Origin: Taiwan (Republic of China) USA
Produced: 2007 -
Unit cost: 2 million $ -
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Main armament: 105 mm rifled gun; 30 mm Bushmaster II chaingun; 40 mm grenade launcher; 120 mm mortar 25 mm M242 Chain Gun; Dual TOW Anti-Tank Missile Launcher
Engine: Caterpillar C12 diesel, 450 hp Cummins VTA-903
Speed: 120 km/h (75 mph) 56–66 km/h (35–41 mph )
Weight: 22 tonnes 23–28 tonnes
Crew: 2 (+8 passengers) 3 (+2 passengers)




Length: 7 m 6.45–6.55 m
Width: 2.7 m 3.2–3.28 cm
Height: 2.23 m 2.97 cm


CM-32 Yunpao
CM-32 Yunpao
Author: By E3120656 - Own work, Public Domain, License
M3 Bradley
M3 Bradley
Author: "Two M-3 Bradleys" by SGT Randall M. Yackiel - US-Army history images. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons - License