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France is a country located in Western Europe with an area of 640,679 km2 (land boundries: 3,956 km and costline 4,853 km). The capital of France is Paris. The number of inhabitants is 67,413,000.

France was one of the original 12 countries to sign the North Atlantic Treaty, which created NATO in 1949. France and the UK signed in 2010 a declaration on defense and security cooperation that included greater military interoperability and a Combined Joint Expeditionary Force. The CJEF was assessed as having full operating capacity with the ability to rapidly deploy over 10,000 personnel. The French military's inventory consists mostly of domestically-produced weapons systems, including some jointly-produced with other European countries. France has a defense industry capable of manufacturing the full spectrum of military weapons systems.

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Azerbaijan is a country located in Southwestern Asia with an area of 86,600 km2 (land boundries: 2,468 km and costline 0 km (landlocked); note - Azerbaijan borders the Caspian Sea (713 km)). The capital of Azerbaijan is Baku. The number of inhabitants is 10,127,874.

The inventory of the Azerbaijan military is comprised mostly of Russian and Soviet-era weapons systems with a small mix of equipment from other countries, like Israel and Turkey.

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Military expenditures

small flag FR FR small flag AZ AZ
Military budget: 60 billion $ 3.8 billion $
Percent of GDP: 1.9% 5.5%

Military budget

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Highest value in the world: 916 billion $ (USA)


small flag FR FR small flag AZ AZ
Active personnel: 270,000 126,400
Reserve personnel: 141,050 330,000
Available for military: 14,563,662 3,000,000


small flag FR small flag AZ
Highest value in the world: 2,035,000 (China)

Land Forces

small flag FR FR small flag AZ AZ
Tanks: 406 940
Armoured fighting vehicles: 6,748 2,363
Total artillery: 119 909
Self-propelled artillery: 96 267
Rocket artillery: 11 323


tank svg
small flag small flag
Highest value in the world: 12,267 (Russia)

Air Forces

small flag FR FR small flag AZ AZ
Total aircraft: 1,143 176
Fighter aircraft: 26 5
Multirole aircraft: 144 15
Attack aircraft: 66 11
Helicopters: 478 97
UCAV (combat drone): 16 0

Total aircraft

airplane svg
small flag small flag
Highest value in the world: 13,175 (USA)


small flag FR FR small flag AZ AZ
Total naval: 111 31
Aircraftcarriers: 4 0
Destroyers: 10 0
Frigates: 12 1
Corvettes: 0 0
Submarines: 10 4

Total naval

ship svg
small flag small flag
Highest value in the world: 967 (North Korea)

Nuclear weapons


France managed to research and develop its own nuclear weapon in 1960. The test, known as, Gerboise Bleue, was the result of mostly French research. One of the main figures that played crucial role in the entire process of developing the bomb was General Pierre Marie Gallois. He was concerned that the Suez Crisis, which started in 1956, would show the world how insignificant France became, since out of all Great Powers in the world, they were the only one without possessing its own nuclear arsenal. The tests were conducted on the terrains of Sahara Desert.

At this moment France owns 300 nuclear warheads, out of which almost all are deployed. What is more, compared to Great Britain, they made more tests, approximately 210. Noteworthy is the fact that the development of the first nuclear bomb in France as well as its tests were a bit controversial. It was due to the fact that France allowed Israeli observers to attend the tests, providing them with almost unrestricted access to all the data. It was quite important, since Israel, together with United Kingdom and France, were trying to invade Egypt.


Does not have nuclear weapons.

Military service


18-25 years of age for male and female voluntary military service; no conscription; 1-year service obligation; women serve in noncombat post.


18-35 years of age for cumpulsory military service; service obligation 18 months or 12 months for university graduates; 17 years of age for voluntary service; 17 year olds are considered to be on active service at cadet military schools.