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Israel is a country located in Middle East with an area of 20,770 km2 (land boundries: 1,068 km and costline 273 km). The capital of Israel is Jerusalem but it is internationally unrecognized. The number of inhabitants is 9,353,610.

Israel has Major Non-NATO Ally (MNNA) status with the US. The majority of the IDF's inventory is comprised of weapons that are domestically-produced or imported from Europe and the United States. Israel has a broad defense industrial base that can develop, produce, support, and sustain a wide variety of weapons systems.

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The Arab League (League of Arab States) is a regional organization in the Arab world. the League has 22 members, but Syria's participation has been suspended since November 2011. Current members: Algeria, Bahrain, Comoros, Djibouti, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates and Yemen. The Joint Defence Council of the Arab League is one of the Institutions of the Arab League. The Arab League as an organisation has no military Force but they establish a peacekeeping force.

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Military expenditures

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Military budget: 0 billion $ 121.1 billion $
Percent of GDP: 5.2% 0%

Military budget

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Highest value in the world: 816 billion $ (USA)


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Active personnel: 169,500 1,680,550
Reserve personnel: 465,000 1,567,000
Available for military: 1,797,960 68,012,996


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Highest value in the world: 2,035,000 (China)

Land Forces

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Tanks: 1,650 7,992
Armoured fighting vehicles: 6,135 33,885
Total artillery: 1,000 9,970
Self-propelled artillery: 650 2,372
Rocket artillery: 48 2,169


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Highest value in the world: 12,267 (Russia)

Air Forces

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Total aircraft: 618 3,859
Fighter aircraft: 41 185
Multirole aircraft: 230 603
Attack aircraft: 0 314
Helicopters: 128 1,446
UCAV (combat drone): 15 52

Total aircraft

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Highest value in the world: 12,930 (USA)


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Total naval: 74 493
Aircraftcarriers: 0 2
Destroyers: 0 0
Frigates: 0 25
Corvettes: 7 30
Submarines: 6 8

Total naval

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Highest value in the world: 967 (North Korea)

Nuclear weapons


Although not certain, there is a rumour that Israel was the sixth country in the world that managed to research and develop their own nuclear arsenal. However, they did not confirm that fact. Still, a lot of sources claim that they managed to prepare fully working nuclear warheads in 1966. In spite of such early dates, Israel has not joined the NPT. Up to this day, they do not confirm nor deny the possibility of having nuclear arsenal. As a result of that, Israel is said to apply quite effective, yet affordable deterring policy.

According to many organizations, the estimated numbers of nuclear weapons that Israel possesses varies from 80 up to even 200 ready to be launched nuclear weapons. What is more, there are also rumours that Israel managed to prepare special missiles that can be operational from submarines.

Arab League

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Military service


18 years of age for compulsory (Jews, Druzes) military service; 17 years of age for voluntary (Christians, Muslims, Circassians) military service; both sexes are obligated to military service; conscript service obligation - 36 months for enlisted men, 21 months for enlisted women, 48 months for officers; pilots commit to 9 years service; reserve obligation to age 41-51 (men), 24 (women).

Arab League

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