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Turkey is a country located in Southeastern Europe and Southwestern Asia (that portion of Turkey west of the Bosporus is geographically part of Europe) with an area of 783,562 km2 (land boundries: 2,816 km and costline 7,200 km). The capital of Turkey is Ankara. The number of inhabitants is 83,614,362.

Turkey has been a member of NATO since 1952 and hosts NATO's Land Forces Command in Izmir. Under a long-range strategic plan, the Turkish Armed Forces continued efforts to modernize its equipment and force structure. The Turkish Armed Forces inventory is mostly comprised of a mix of domestically-produced and Western weapons systems. In 2019 Turkey purchased the Russian S-400 air defense system. That complicated its relationship with NATO. Turkey has a strong defense industry capable of producing a range of weapons systems for both export and internal use.

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The Arab League (League of Arab States) is a regional organization in the Arab world. the League has 22 members, but Syria's participation has been suspended since November 2011. Current members: Algeria, Bahrain, Comoros, Djibouti, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates and Yemen. The Joint Defence Council of the Arab League is one of the Institutions of the Arab League. The Arab League as an organisation has no military Force but they establish a peacekeeping force.

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Military expenditures

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Military budget: 15.8 billion $ 124 billion $
Percent of GDP: 1.5% 0%

Military budget

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Highest value in the world: 916 billion $ (USA)


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Active personnel: 425,000 1,428,550
Reserve personnel: 200,000 1,617,000
Available for military: 21,079,077 68,012,996


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Highest value in the world: 2,035,000 (China)

Land Forces

small flag TR TR small flag ARL ARL
Tanks: 3,017 7,992
Armoured fighting vehicles: 11,450 33,885
Total artillery: 2,521 9,970
Self-propelled artillery: 943 2,372
Rocket artillery: 399 2,169


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Highest value in the world: 12,267 (Russia)

Air Forces

small flag TR TR small flag ARL ARL
Total aircraft: 1,573 3,859
Fighter aircraft: 48 185
Multirole aircraft: 245 603
Attack aircraft: 0 314
Helicopters: 676 1,446
UCAV (combat drone): 172 52

Total aircraft

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Highest value in the world: 13,175 (USA)


small flag TR TR small flag ARL ARL
Total naval: 154 493
Aircraftcarriers: 0 2
Destroyers: 0 0
Frigates: 16 25
Corvettes: 10 30
Submarines: 12 8

Total naval

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Highest value in the world: 967 (North Korea)

Nuclear weapons


Turkey participates in the NATO nuclear weapons sharing arrangements and trains for delivering United States nuclear warheads.

Arab League

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Military service


21-41 years of age for male compulsory military service; 18 years of age for voluntary service; 12 months conscript obligation for non-university graduates, 6-12 months for university graduates (graduates of higher education may perform 6 months of military service as short-term privates, or 12 months as reserve officers); conscripts are called to register at age 20, for service at 21; women serve in the Turkish Armed Forces only as officers; reserve obligation to age 41; Turkish citizens with a residence or work permit who have worked abroad for at least 3 years (1095 days) can be exempt from military service in exchange for 6,000 EUR or its equivalent in foreign currencies; a law passed in December 2014 introduced a one-time payment scheme which exempted Turkish citizens 27 and older from conscription in exchange for a payment of $8,150.

Arab League

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