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Ukraine is a country located in Eastern Europe with an area of 603,500 km2 (land boundries: 5,581 km and costline 2,782 km). The capital of Ukraine is Kiev. The number of inhabitants is 41,487,960.

During the 2008 Bucharest summit, NATO declared that Ukraine would eventually become a member of NATO when it meets the criteria for accession. In February 2022, Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. The Ukrainian military is equipped mostly with older Russian and Soviet-era weapons systems. Ukraine has a broad defense industry capable of building Soviet-era land systems and maintaining and upgrading Soviet-era combat aircraft, as well as missile and air defense systems.

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The Arab League (League of Arab States) is a regional organization in the Arab world. the League has 22 members, but Syria's participation has been suspended since November 2011. Current members: Algeria, Bahrain, Comoros, Djibouti, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates and Yemen. The Joint Defence Council of the Arab League is one of the Institutions of the Arab League. The Arab League as an organisation has no military Force but they establish a peacekeeping force.

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Military expenditures

small flag UA UA small flag ARL ARL
Military budget: 10.4 billion $ 121.1 billion $
Percent of GDP: 6% 0%

Military budget

small flag UA small flag ARL
Highest value in the world: 816 billion $ (USA)


small flag UA UA small flag ARL ARL
Active personnel: 700,000 1,680,550
Reserve personnel: 1,000,000 1,567,000
Available for military: 11,149,646 68,012,996


small flag UA small flag ARL
Highest value in the world: 2,035,000 (China)

Land Forces

small flag UA UA small flag ARL ARL
Tanks: 1,462 7,992
Armoured fighting vehicles: 5,739 33,885
Total artillery: 3,636 9,970
Self-propelled artillery: 899 2,372
Rocket artillery: 693 2,169


tank svg
small flag small flag
Highest value in the world: 12,267 (Russia)

Air Forces

small flag UA UA small flag ARL ARL
Total aircraft: 297 3,859
Fighter aircraft: 57 185
Multirole aircraft: 0 603
Attack aircraft: 27 314
Helicopters: 115 1,446
UCAV (combat drone): 12 52

Total aircraft

airplane svg
small flag small flag
Highest value in the world: 12,930 (USA)


small flag UA UA small flag ARL ARL
Total naval: 53 493
Aircraftcarriers: 0 2
Destroyers: 0 0
Frigates: 1 25
Corvettes: 0 30
Submarines: 0 8

Total naval

ship svg
small flag small flag
Highest value in the world: 967 (North Korea)

Nuclear weapons


Although Ukraine has never produced its own nuclear weapon to this day, we should bear in mind that back in the days, Ukraine possessed approximately 5,000 nuclear weapons. This is all due to the fact that before 1991, Ukraine was a part of the Soviet Union. However, as a consequence of its dissolution, all the countries that were satellites or were forcefully attached to Soviet Union, received number of warheads. They were once the property of the Soviet Union. Nevertheless, after Ukraine became independent, they received everything that was the part of the USSR, even nuclear warheads. As a result of that, Ukraine became the third largest holder of nuclear weapons in the world.

Ukraine decided to get rid of these weapons quite quickly. Three years later, in 1994 that is, they joined Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. In 1996, all the warheads were moved and disassembled in Russia.

Arab League

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Military service


18-27 years of age for compulsory military service; conscript service obligation is 18 months

Arab League

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